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Importance of Documentation

It is apparant that Documentation is very vital when it comes to supporting any environment. Whether it be a simple and small scale environment or a large and highly complex environment, documentation has a very significant role. If there is a well written proper documentation of how the support activity is to be carried out, the support activity itself becomes a breeze. On the contrary, if there is no documentation of what's being done and how it's to be done, then it becomes very hard to support an environment.

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I agree entirely with all your points, but I would go further and state that well managed, up to date documentation is critical for reacting to all sorts of situations and recovery contingencies in large, complex support environments.

The second important factor in ensuring fast and accurate recovery cycles is global availability of the most current support documents and work instructions covering the whole server fleet. There are many ways to achieve this over the web or corporate network (share point, domino databases, web server repositories), but the days are long gone when we can rely on what's in our head, or scratchy bits of documents all over the shop.

Sound familiar?

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