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Task Register

Task No Task Project No Project Name Task Date Task Type
t140004 Add a Menu Item for HelpDesk Resources and Populate p120002 QualityHelp Support 06/03/2014 Content
t140003 task: Add Desktop Support Resources to Menu p120002 QualityHelp Support 06/03/2014 Content
t140002 task: Modify Main Menu p120001 QualityHelp Site Design 05/03/2014 to 06/03/2014 Design
t140001 task: Create site background p120001 QualityHelp Site Design 16/02/2014 Design
t130007 task: Update sort fields for Article views p130001 QualityHelp Community Site 27/12/2013 Maintenance
t130006 task: Upgrade Drupal Core to 7.21 p120001 QualityHelp Community Site 08/03/2013 Maintenance
t130005 task: Create a Guide Document Template p120001 QualityHelp Community Site 12/02/2013 Document
t130004 task: Upgrade Drupal Core to 7.19 p120001 QualityHelp Community Site 17/01/2013 to 24/01/2013 Maintenance
t130003 task: Build the Server Support Site p130001 QualityHelp Server Support 07/01/2013 Design
t130002 task: Apply Consistent Views and Blocks p120001 QualityHelp Community Site 09/01/2013 Maintenance
t130001 task: Create a Knowledge Base p120002 QualityHelp Community Site 02/01/2013 Design
t120012 task: Perform Site Restore Test p120001 QualityHelp Community Site 23/12/2012 Maintenance


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