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In the real world of IT service management, there are generally several support areas that are closely aligned to provide customer support for systems (products and applications), servers, desktop PCs, projects.  There are other backoffice support areas as well (eg.  Problem and Change Management; database support and application hosting, quality and document control areas; security, risk management and other compliance teams).

All these support areas, whether directly interacting with the external customer, or working collaboratively as internal client teams, need to share a common purpose in striving for perfection in process management, and excellence in service and delivery.

The topics on quality management and process improvement we explore, publish and discuss on our site have wide ranging applicability across all of the support areas mentioned above.

Our initial objectives are to focus on:

  • Distributed Server Support,
  • PC (or Desktop) Support and Helpdesk.

In parallel we will focus on two streams of Quality Management:

  •  Process Improvement, and
  • Quality Analysis, which includes Performance reporting and monitoring.

The following diagram provides a plan of the proposed web site design structure and sub-domains to manage these streams.

QualityHelp Streams and Domains

There is much work to do, and we look forward to attracting interest and contribution from many of our colleagues with experience (past or current) in all these support areas.


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