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QualityHelp Site Development

Site Development Tasks and Maintenance

We are using this page to track most our site functional improvement tasks, which in most cases is to assess and implement value-added drupal modules.  Site maintenance and backup-recorvery tasks is also included here due to their critical importance


Task Reference Page Task Description and Activities Status

CKEditor Module

CKEditor Upgrade

Upgrade WIP

  1.  Install the Drupal wysiwyg Rich Text editor
  2.  Install other required modules
  3.  Configure
  4. Install periodical updates

 Nov 2012 - Complete

 Feb 2013 - Udated all sites to version 3.6.5

SimpleNews Newsletter Inex
  1.  Install the drupal eNewsletter module
  2.  Configure and create a template

Nov 2012 - Module installed; still working on template and adding functional embellishments (such as the Quicktabs )

Dec 2012 - Basic news letter generated (limited audience)

QualityHelp Backup Site QualityHelp Mirror  Maintain a mirror back-up of current site at GoDaddy

Swapped over from Mayo to Danblog theme in early Nov 2012; Need to retrofit all current modules and content

Feb 2013 - All up to date, including Drupal 7.18 update

(Page updated 17-01-2013 - KenD)


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