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Quality Server Support - Overview

The Quality Server Support Community is a collaborative network of IT professionals with an interest in Server Management as a profession, as well as providing world class, quality support services to customers. This site is one of a collective community supporting IT Services professionals.

We don't profess to be experts nor authorities on any of the Quality Management methodologies and tools that are promoted or referred to in this sites contents, but rather a discussion site and portal to the many useful sites on Quality Management and related tools and training.

Our fundamental objects are to promote, support and debate the various quality standards, methodologies and tools available for setting up rigorous and effective Quality Management Systems in IT (See our Mission and Objectives for more).

This is a non-commercial site developed by, and for technical support staff and managers with an interest in sharing and supporting work experiences based on quality management principles and techniques. We have to start somewhere (with a simple baseline), and you should expect this site to mature and improve over time, by self application of the principles of Continual Improvement and the quality practices we are advocating or exploring.

Quality "best practices" applied in one organisation might not necessarily work well in another, and in some cases may be ineffective or detrimental to improvement. Planning a quality system implementation needs to consider the size of the organisation.

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