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QualityHelp Newsletter - March 2014

QualityHelp Newsletter - March 2014

Hello folks. We're almost through March and here's our third newsletter for 2014. Once again we've been busy this month on a number of site topic themes and projects. Each month this year, we plan to cover off a new IT Service Management area, and in February we've looking at IT Change Management.  Our latest article is on the IT Change Management life cycle, roles and accountabilities. We will also complete a job description for the IT Change Manager position, and map the IT Change Management activities to a Continuous Improvement cycle.

I'd like to thank the team for their contributions and MarkD in particular for proof-reading all our articles and content. Also I'd like to recognise the contribution of Tex, who provided our newletter banner this month.

Apart from the articles published this month, our team has been busy working on the outline of our new catalogue and document control system.  We have been taking a top-down approach wiith the master catalogue sitting over a number of IT Service Management team catalogues.  We are hoping to populate the catalogue further over the months with useful templates and training material.

We also plan to systematically migrate the management of our existing site documents from existing indexes and registers to the new catalogue format.

Enjoy the rest of the month, and keep the comments and helpful feedback coming in.

Ken Darwin (Site Facilitator)

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