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QualityHelp Newsletter - February 2014

QualityHelp Newsletter - February 2014

We welcome our site members as well as all new and regular readers to our latest Newsletter. What happened to the month, and the first 2 months of the year? Having just returned from Melbourne (Australia) where the annual White Night festival was staged, I wanted to use a couple of vivid images I obtained in this month's banner. 

This month has seen us embark on an ambitious project where we take a practical approach in understanding some aspects and benefits of the "cloud" phenomenon.  Over coming months we want to explore document management and synchronized sharing of team work instructions in particular, but also all other records and procedures that need to be "controlled" according to company standards and policies. These may also need to conform to some auditable Quality Management system (eg. ISO 9001).

Starting this month, we have also started disecting the roles and responsibilities of the core positions in the IT Service Management functional areas, starting with the IT Operations Manager.  We'll endeavour to cover at least one area per month, focusing initially on the manager roles.

I have personally been on a campaign this month to recruit new site members and article contributors, and I also plan to provide a number of training presentations over the coming months (in Sydney) for introductory Drupal cms and our QualityHelp site. These will be catalogued in the new document catalogue we are slowly developing (and available to members).

Have a great month, and always seek a balance of work and ample leisure time. Also strive to inject some fun into your work day and team.

Ken Darwin (Site Facilitator)

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