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QualityHelp Newsletter January 2014

QualityHelp Newsletter - January 2014

Welcome to our new community readers and contributing members.  This is the first of our Community newsletters for the year, and the first to be published after a long spell.

Whilst our site development and content may not have moved along in the last year at the pace we desired, nontheless progress has been made and the Site continues to evolve.  This is all part of the original charter and "Master Plan" - using continuous improvement and our learnings to evolve over time.  We certainly have stuck to our vision of simplicity in our design.  The intention of maintaining design simplicity, elegance and practical layouts, faciltates openness, clarity and honesty in our objectives.  I'm not sure we see that in many complex and sophisicated sites, that are heavilly veneered with trinkets and driven by hidden objectives.

This month we have a mixture of articles on both our quality management tips as well as our learning experiences as we continue to build and enhance our site.  I am very grateful for the encouraging feedback and contributions that are starting to flow in, but encourage more.  The value and success of this Community (still basically in it's experimental stages), depends on it's members, comments and contributions.

One major leap forward for this year, is the convergence of all our subdomains and disciplines into the one QualityHelp site. A lot of work has put into the redesign of the home page, views and menus to make this work.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy New Year for 2014.

Ken Darwin (Site Facilitator)


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