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December Newsletter


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QualityHelp Newsletter - December 2012

Welcome to our new community readers and contributing members.  If you are new to the QualityHelp Community then be sure to reader the full Overview and Objectives of our Community.

This month we have a mixture of articles on both our quality management tips as well as our learning experiences as we continue to build and enhance our site.  I am very grateful for the encouraging feedback and contributions that are starting to flow in, but encourage more.  The value and success of this Community (still basically in it's experimental stages), depends on it's members, comments and contributions.

Read about our Extended Community to see our plans to extend our support areas with additional sub-communities for desktop and server support (and more) over coming months.  It's an ambitious project, but our systematic, continual improvement, and "steady as she goes" strategy will prove to be both successful and rewarding over time.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and healty Christmas period, leading into the New year.

Ken Darwin


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