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QualityHelp Newsletter December 2012


QualityHelp Newsletter - December 2012

Welcome to our new community readers and contributing members.  If you are new to the QualityHelp Community then be sure to reader the full Overview and Objectives of our Community.

This month we have a mixture of articles on both our quality management tips as well as our learning experiences as we continue to build and enhance our site.  I am very grateful for the encouraging feedback and contributions that are starting to flow in, but encourage more.  The value and success of this Community (still basically in it's experimental stages), depends on it's members, comments and contributions.

Read about our Extended Community to see our plans to extend our support areas with additional sub-communities for desktop and server support (and more) over coming months.  It's an ambitious project, but our systematic, continual improvement, and "steady as she goes" strategy will prove to be both successful and rewarding over time.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy Christmas period, leading into the New year.

Ken Darwin

Our Extended Community

In our Overview we talked about the dynamics and potential growth of the site, and then gave a basic overview of the site design and types of content we envisaged. Here is our vision for an extended QualityHelp Community.

Pareto Powered Presentations

Pareto charts are very easy to create, and can be both a practical starting point for process improvement as well as a powerful tool for problem solving. If you want to have an impact on your manager or IT Director in addressing broken processes or services, than add a pareto chart to your presentation, based on real time, current issues and facts.

Whilst Six Sigma provides a wide range of data analysis and statistical methods to demonstrate quality performance and highlight areas requiring improvement, the pareto chart is probably one of the simplest and most effective tools for defining improvement priorities.

Total Business Management for the Small Business Model

Total Business Management, or TQM for the Small Business.  Reintroducing the fundamental quality management principles from and older stalwart of quality - TQM (Total Quality Management).

Is there a means of adapting a variation of TQM that's small business friendly, yet scaleable?

Quality Definitions

Ask fifty people in your company to define the meaning of  quality , and I guarantee you will get fifty different responses  (or maybe a few "Don't knows").  Whilst continuing our Small Business Model approach to understanding quality management, let's look at the ISO9000 view on the meaning of quality, and related quality mangement terms.

At a minimin, getting your quality terms closer to the accepted definitions as you do your sales pitch in the IT services industry (managers and sales staff), is a great start to enspiring customer confidence and buy-in. In the following diagram, I have captured a breakdown of five common quality terms that all IT professionals should really be familiar with in a modern, successful and customer focused company (of any size).


update: Site upgraded to drupal 7.18

Drupal 7.18 is an essential security patch, and has been applied successfully to this site (23-12-2012)  as well as all other Community domains (including test and drp sites). Complete backups were take beforehand.

05-01-2013 (KenD)  There were some delays in the updates to the DRP sites (related to backups).  These have been resolved, and now all 3 sites have been updated to Drupal 7.18

news: Recent Document Activity

The Document Activity Register (under the Home Page navigation menu) makes locating and updating articles and other documents so much easier.  The volume of site activity can be measured in the number of new documents, comments and document changes.  Whilst most documents can be located via the Procedures and Publications indexes, or the Admin Contents overlay, may users will find the Document Activity Register very handy for sorting and searching for recently created or updated documents.

news: ISO9000 Article

We have just posted a new article called Quality Definitions and a blog on the Relevance of ISO 9000 as a quality system in IT services and support industries. Both continue to focus on the ISO 9000 standards as a foundation for setting up a quality system in a small business model.

news: Record Numbering

Even though our Community site is in it's infancy at just a few months old, and there are not many records showing up in our Registers (eg. Projects, Tasks and Issues), we are pro-actively preparing for a dramatic increase in Tasks and Issues especially in the new year.

For this reason, we have introduced a numbering system for all 3 record types, using additional Taxonomy definitions. (Numbering can easily be extended into additional records as required in future).

news: Document Catalogue

We've started using the drupal Quicktabs module as an effective means of cataloging all our Site publications and procedures. This makes for a more manageable breakdown of our indexes.

news: New Site Plan including DRP

We've just released a document, illustrating the medium term site extensions into additional streams of support and related sub-domains. The plan also includes a a DR site on a separate hosting provider.  Read the full document Our Extended Community


QualityHelp Community

The Quality Help Community is a collaborative network of IT professionals with an interest in Quality Management and Quality Assurance based solutions in the IT industry. With collective participation, we hope to demystify Quality Management and it's effective application within the IT services and support industries.

 Our Vision at QualityHelp is to guide IT support folk in the principles and value of quality management through team involvement and sharing.


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