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news: January Report

January 2014 has been another very productive month in the QualityHelp community, and start of a great year we believe.  This month has followed on from December, where the team has focused on site improvements - some visible whilst others are in the underlying infrastructure.  The inegration of all our fields of ineterest into one subdomain certainly will provide the freedom to increase productivity in this new year.

On the publication front, we have continued with the themes of providing practical approaches for generating meaningful ad practical metrics.  This is part of our overall objectives for demystifying the methods of applying modern Quality Management tools and practices. There is much more to cover in coming months.

Finally, we have recommenced our monthly NewsCorner publications, starting with our January Newsletter. We have also fixed the bug where the news update section  would float a view of the most recent items, instead of a static selection from the publication month. Once again, the power of Drupal Views and tags solved the issue.

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