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news: February Report and Focus

It's good to see a fair bit of movement ths month in a few areas and directions. The HelpDesk stream has kicked off and we hope to have a few more people getting involved in this vital support area.

The new Document Catalogue format is progressing nicely, and we hope to build on what we think is a solid, innovate foundaton. Ceratainly the approach of integrating the QualtyHelp document control standard record header will facilitate the growth of a far more dynamic and flexible indexing system, that wll be far easier to maintain than our orginal table format.

A little while ago, we started publshing artcles on key IT Service Management job roles, starting with the IT Operations Manager. We've now logged a suggestion, in response from readers and colleagues to extend these articles to further ITSM Roles, and even develop an index of Job Roles and Responsibilites (R&R) in each case.  Our view would to start with the manager roles for each ITSM functional area.  Our Quality Team will lock in an appropriate template, and we'll see input (and ownership) from our contributing team leads. As in keeping with our site mission, we consider all constructive input from readers, and strengthen the Role descriptions over time.

At this stage we still have completed the migraton to the new server, but we contnue to reveiw the best approach, keeping in mind overall benefits and performance. 


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