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news: New Catalogue Progress

Since we have formulated the entity naming rules for our Catalogue components (records, views, quicktabs and catalogue containers), and estabished many of the first and second tier catalogues, our progress has accellerated with the advantage of duplication.

The beauty of using Views and Quicktabs objects to construct the Document Catalogue lies in the ease of cloning either of these to generate dozens of new catalogues, as we have done in a very short time.  Existing documents can be registered, and new documents added as they are created, by simply creating a DCS record for each, and adding a tag for the appropriate Catalogue. Many documents, such as job roles, and document templates may be added to 2 or more catalogues, for example - the IT Change Manager role description might be registered in the Change Team catalogue, as well as in the Jobroles Catalogue.

Another advantage of our new cataloguing strategy is the ability to plan and register new documents, then assign them to teams and authors before they are written or created. From an ISO 9001 perspective, it is better to identify new or missing document requirements, then ignore them.  Of course, planning, setting due dates and assigning work to teams needs to be dilligently managed on a critical needs and priority basis.

In coming weeks, we will systematically replicate and replace the pre-existing catalogue registers and document indices.

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