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List of Modules

Drupal Module List

List all modules added to the site (ie. not included in the core theme)

Module Function Link Comments Upgraded Status
 Content Access  User Access Security read  Provides granular access security and additional function   active
 Chaos Tool Suite  CTools tool Library read  Helpful tools library used by other modules (Page manager and Bulk export)   active
 CKEditor  Content WYSIWYG editor read  Content editor used on all content types. Note special installation instructions 10-12-2012 active
 Date  Date Functions read  A library of date functions, required across site content types   active
 Mime Mail System  Mail and Newsletter support read  Required by Simplenews module   active
 Simplenews  eNewsletter module read  Provides content and functions to distribute Newsletters through mail system   active
 IMCE   Image and File Uploader read  Media management module, required for CKEditor module   active
 Quicktabs  Create Tabbed Content read Used to build multiple tabbed Document Catalogues   active
 Panels  Create Panel Nodes and Blocks read  Split pages into multiple styles of panels   active
 Views  Build Dynamic Tables and Reports read  Used to build dynamic content for site (table indexes and reports) eg Registers   active
 Rules  Conditional Actions evaluation read  React on events and conditionally evaluate actions; used by Content Access   inactive




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