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Cloud Based Document Control

If you read our article on Building a Cloud Based Document Control System, you would probably agree that building an online Catalogue for managing company records and documents is only one component of the project. It is just as important that documents, especially support instructions (aka SOPs), technical user guides and manuals, are easily located and accessible to any authorised staff and technicians. We can't assume that networks and internet access is available and responsive when critical services, applications and infrastrure require urgent fixes.

Applying Six Sigma to Continuous Health Improvement

Six Sigma, especially combined with Lean methodology,  has been touted as the "Big Bang" approach to boost an ailing company's fortunes and viabillity  as well as overhaul its business and operational processes.  But can we apply some of the Six Sigma tools and methods for Contiuous Improvement at a more personal level, for health management?

Relevance of ISO 9000

Let's explore the value and relevance of the ISO 9000 standards in constructing a Quality Management System for a small business. In fact, how relevant is ISO 9000 to any organisation, when there are a number of quality management methodologies that may appear to both encompass most of its components.

Best Web Design

What is the best and most appropriate theme and structure for a web site and community interested in both quality management and web development?

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