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Is Quality Management Rocket Science?

Many of our IT Support colleagues continue to shy away from actively particpating in Quality Management programmes, complaining of "Rocket Science", ever changing methodologies and complex terminology.  A well planned, communicated and phased-in Quality Management system is definitely not Rocket Science.  Unfortunately, for many organisations without firm, visible and enduring commitment, Quality Management tends to becomes an "inexact science".

Without the foundation of complete, genuine staff involvement, along with a culture of relentless Continuous Improvement, Quality Management remains an "Inexact Science".  Understandably, staff and even customers will relegate the company's new Quality Management programme to the category of "Rocket Science".

It is our belief that the core values and essential components overlap most of the time tested Quality Management philosophies and more recent methodologies. We've tried to capture those components and practices in the following diagram (without the quality jargon).

Whilst different types and organisations will certainly benefit from combining multiple practices, methods and innovative tools to maximise their results, the core set of values and commonsense components listed here constitute a solid foundation to build a successful and sustained Continuous Improvement experience.


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