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Work Health and Safety - Overview

Articles and Discussion are focused on Protecting the safety and health of everyone in the workplace.

Work Health and Safety, whilst seeming unrelated to quality objectives and deliverables in an IT Service Management business, can still be demonstrated as critically related to any company's ability to safeguard it's workers and operational viability. This applies just  in any industry, ITSM included.  The articles here will look at WHS issues, practices and  processes, that may be usefull in many industries.

 Our Vision at QualityHelp is to guide IT support folk in the principles and value of quality management through team involvement and sharing.

The Mission of the Work Help and Safety team in our Community is to share our experience and knowledge on building smart yet comprehensive WHS management systems.






Also known as OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) around the world, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) should co-exist in every workplace alongside Management and Human Resources (HR). No matter how small or large the business, Workplace Health and Safety practices are mandated in Australia, and many countries in some form. Even without legislation, a company's WHS policies and practices should be a critical component of the Business Plan and Objectives, to both protect the safety of workers and clients alike, as well as the ongoing viability and sustainability of the company.


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