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Link to Twitter

One of our colleagues (from Argentina) suggested adding a Twitter button to be able to tweet short comments to a community Twitter account.  We thought there was some merit in this.  You may recall that we once toyed with a Facebook like button but withdrew it after a short trial period. The reasoning was related to our site mission of keeping the site clean and unencumbered, focusing more on content value, and a systematic approach to managing material in a controlled manner.

Twitter possibly adds a dynamic means of interacting with site visitors and community members, as well as collecting feedback from readers (in lieu of enabling annonymous comments or self managed user accounts.

I've already gone ahead and set-up our Twitter account so we could test the waters on this concept.  Please add comments (members) or readers can now tweet their views.



The community account is @qualityhelporg and I have put the botton in the Footer for now. The account is rather bare at present, and we are still looking at appropriate structure an quality group connections. For example, by following ASQ on twitter seemd to generate dozens of auto-generated public tweets. We are new to this technology so happy to consider readers' thoughts and ideas.

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