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Make Greater Use of Views

Consider using Views to build all content indexes.  Tables work ok when projected content entries are reasonably low (eg. the Reports and SmartGuide indexes). However, this approach is not scaleable and will eventually generate excessive administration.

I propose a 2 phase rollout of Views for indexing all content.

1.  Replace the Reports and SmartGuide Tables with views (a relatively straightforward exercise)

2.  Use Views for indexing all new document / content type or categories (Work off some standard templates)

3.  Consider replacing the imbeded tables in the document catalogues with Views.  This is a much bigger exercise, to be managed systematically over time.




Probably should have entrenched this approach long ago,  This suggestion has my approval, and you will see that Support has already created a View for indexing all Dashboards.  The number Reports will probably grow att a faster rate, and should be addressed as a priority.

As for the Catalogues, I'm sure this can be done, but could be messy (Views within a Page/node, within a Quicktab instance, within a Block, within a Catalogu page).

In February we embarked on a bold new approach for controlling documents and records.  This is one example of demonstrating the innovation capabilities of Views. Read the introductory article - Building a Cloud based Document Control System, to get the full details, where we combine the power of the Drupal Views module with the Quicktabs panel module.

Add to this the concept of using a custom record page to identify every document to be controlled, then we believe we can construct a more dynamic tool for Document and Record Control, dispensing with the static index tables currently in use.

Whilst the Views-Quicktabs combo seems to work well in the Catalogue framework, I reckon there has to be a better way to create new Catalogue entries than cloning an existing View and Quicktab entity, changing the title and then modifying the Filter Criteria to scope on different tags. Other than these, the View is exactly the same.  If we want 50 new catalogues in the DCS Catalogue hierarchy, then we need 50 new Views and 50 new QuickTab objects.
Apart from this, we also need to create and configure a new Block for each new Catalogue.  We haven't used tokens, but my suggestion is to explore whether we could construct a generic Catalogue object (and possibly QuickTab / Block, and the variables (tags and title) are defined/substituted perhaps in the Control Records.
I've seen some good discussions and support on Tokens with Views (eg. Dynamic Views Arguments via Tokens).  Not smart enough myself, so over to you "Support"!

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