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QualityHelp Community Projects

The concept and objectives behind the QualityHelp Community are to explore, develop and practice many of the principles of quality management systems and methodologies. We needed both a forum and a support system (or business) to demonstrate these principles as we contribute, develop and share our ventures, learnings and solutions.

Whilst this overall community project will involve and rely on numerous technical and quality management components,  the success of this business will be strongly dependent on 3 major principles:

  1. Community Contribution
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Collaborative Technology

We need to manage our both macro and micro levels, and so we start here with a baseline of a rapidly growing number of projects.  We don't need any complex tools to kick off, but will probably plug-in a Task and Issues management tool or module when the need arises. For now, we have divided our projects into 2 streams as follows:

Project Type Projects Comments
 Quality Management Projects Quality Projects  Our sister site focusing on computer support and server management community (new project)
 Web Development Projects Web Projects  Prototyping a Drupal 7 site, exploring different themes
 Project Management Dashboard PM Dashboard  The new (Drupal) Project Management tool Dashboard which we will start using for new / future projects (from August 2013)

Find a complete list of our community projects in the Projects Register view.


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