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Operations Support

Problem Solving Model

I suspect many of you are familiar with several, if not many tools available for solving product defects and process problems (from Lean, Six Sigma and TQM).  Statisical Process Analysis, 5 Why's, Fisbone charts and RCA come readily to mind. The ISO 9000 component  on Preventative and Corrective Action offers another, complimentary tool for problem solving.

The value of having a wide range of tools and methods to tackle defects and solve problems becomes clearer when we realise that in the real, customer driven and competive markets of today, the nature of problems and defects are moving targets.  Don't fall for the common trap of setting your company's problem management processes in concrete.

The Importance of Documentation

It is apparent that Documentation is very vital when it comes to supporting any environment. Whether it be a simple and small scale environment or a large and highly complex environment, documentation has a very significant role. If there is a well written proper documentation of how the support activity is to be carried out, the support activity itself becomes a breeze. On the contrary, if there is no documentation of what's being done and how it's to be done, then it becomes very hard to support an environment.


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