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Auto flushing of caches

There is an annoying issue where users who do not flush there browser cache regularly (or automatically on exit), will not pick up any site uploads to the Dashboards. I'm looking for a way to force this so users see the refreshed content.

Ticket Not billable
Provide a Support and Resources Framework

Build the framework on the QualityHelp site to publish outcomes from Health Tracker for particpating members. The tool generates the Charts and reports for uploading into a Dashboard style container. Using Views to build an Index for charts and reports.

Task Not billable
Publish and Document the Healthtracker Tool

Publish the production Health Tracker template on the QualityHelp Community site.
Provide documentation and guidance on the benefits and usage of the Tool

Task Not billable
Develop Healthtracker Tool

Part of Project Phase 1 - Develop, Assess and Refine the HealthTracker Tool

Task Not billable
Six Sigma Healthtracker Rollout

The Six Sigma Health Tracker tool and project is an initiative, with 3 objectives:

  1. Improve the general health and well-being of our Community members, especially those with a high risk of contracting Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Provide some good, hands-on training in the the practical application of Six Sigma in the field of Continuous Health Improvement
  3. Provide both practical and visual training in the application of Continuous Process Improvement, and Six Sigma methodology.

The Project has 3 Phases:

  1. Develop, assess and refine the tool
  2. Publicise the Tool through this site and presentations
  3. Build a support framework and resources to:
  • Distibute the tool
  • Train the users
  • Track and evaluate collected data and outcomes
  • Build a Health Improvement plan to steadily improve outcomes 

The support framework will also include a mechanism to

Collect and evaluate feedback and suggestion on the Tool, with an objective to continually improve the tool and enhace the support framework


Project Not billable
Errors installing Project Management Tasks sub-module

The following errors occured subsequent to the installation of the PM Module.

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$datebegin in _pmtask_beforesave() (line 778 of
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$datebegin in _pmtask_beforesave() (line 782 of
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$dateend in _pmtask_beforesave() (line 785 of
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$dateend in _pmtask_beforesave() (line 789 of
Ticket Not billable
Extranet Development


 Project Overview:

This is a major business upgrade project for the Industrial Diagnostics company and their web site infrastructure. The business upgrade will be broken into a number of sub-projects, including this project to build an Extranet site with appropriate web cms infrastructure and functionality to manage all aspects of the business transformation.

Hence this project is the initial focus, and time frame will depend on availability of additional resources, to be resourced by the company.

 Project Objectives and Requirements:




Project Not billable
Install Drupal 7 PM Module

1.  Download Drupal 7 version of PM module.

2.  Install module (after site backup).

3.  Configure and set user permissions.

4.  User acceptance testing (cooling off period) for the life of the PM Migration project.

Task Not billable
Migrate Project Management System


 Project Overview:

The Project Management module is stable in Drupal 7, and this project involves the following 3 phases:

  1. Install and configure the module.
  2. Echo all components and entries from previous PM system (including projects, team members, tasks and issues).
  3. Document and deliver appropriate procedures and training.
 Project Objectives and Requirements:




Project Not billable
QualityHelp Site Development


 Project Overview:

The initial phase was to prototype and choose a suitable Drupal theme for the sites (including production, development, mirror and parallel server support sites). Use a wireframing "RAD" approach to build a fully functional baseline site, on which to expand and systematically add both content and function. This was one of the main reasons of choosing Drupal over Wordpress or the (perhaps more functionally rich Joomla).

 Project Objectives and Requirements:




Project Not billable

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