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news: New HealthTracker Release

We've been working hard to keep enhancing the HealthTracker tool, and have released a new version for the start of April. Version 6a (and the USA Version 6b) now contain a new section and control chart for tracking waist measurement (in different units).  I'm sure many people, including health professionals would agree with the added benefits of focusing on levels of accumulated body fat through a combination of better diet, combined with focused efforts to reduce both weight and waistline to recommended levels.

In version 6b, we've also corrected the deficiency and changed the unit of weight from metric to aoirdupois (aka pounds).

We've also created a catalogue of all HealthTracker templates, dashboards and documents under Quality Team Documents in our new DCS framework.  Any users who volunteer to test the tool and the online HealthTracker dashboard, will need to login to see the restricted reports.



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