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Mission Statement and Business Objectives

Our QualityHelp mission and objectives are to provide all our members with the knowledge, skills, tools and practical experience in the field of IT quailty support, through sharing, collaboration, problem solving and hands-on experience in our community projects.

Mission Statement

 " Provide our community members with online, collaborative, practical support and training on quality management and process improvement in IT Services and Support working environments"


Community Objectives

  1. Create an online, internet site as a gathering point and communication tool for our community members.
  2. Build a functional web site to develop our projects, share training, knowledge and ideas on all our focal interests in quality management, IT services and support management, continual process and quality improvement.
  3. Develop prowess and practical skills in building smart, online tools for training and  team collaboration, through contribution and hands-on involvement with the community site and it's projects.

As with much of the content on this site, the Mission and Objectives of the site and community may be refined over time.  This is not uncommon these days, to review both the mission and objectives over time to keep up with changing audience, products and technology (both web and quailty).


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