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Latest Updates

update: Revamped News Block

We've just extended to News and Update block on the Home Page.  It now includes a link to a Site Dashboard, which will focus for now on our site improvement project, and associated tasks / issues.

The concept of a Dashboard comes from  Six Sigma methodology amongst a number of business management philosophies. A Report Index has also been added, and sits compatibly alongside the Dashboard, News and Updates quick links.

update: Restructured Main Menu

We restructured the main menu and added an "About" item. Our Overview and other information about our Community site have now been muved under the new heading.  The front page will be retained for Articles only.

update: New Training Register Added

We just created a new view called Training Register. This should make it easy to cross reference most of the training material as we compile it.

Members and users will need to login to view the full list of training documents and indexes in the register.

update: Fixes to URL Paths and Links

We've been getting a number of reports lately of broken links.  This has been due to some maintenance work in the last 2 weeks to bring some older articles up to date with our site's url naming conventions.

The url naming standards for article node types are:

update: Site upgraded to Drupal 7.21

The Security patch Drupal 7.21, has been successfully applied to all our community and project sites.

update: Drupal 7.20 released

The Security patch Drupal 7.20, has been applied to all quality-help installations.  The update was released on the 20-07-2013.
Rollot will be completed over next 2 days.

update: Site upgraded to Drupal 7.19

The Security patch Drupal 7.19, has been successfully applied to all our community and project sites.  The update was released on the 16-01-2013.  Refer to Task130004 for implementation notes.

update: Drupal security patch 7.19 released

Drupal 7.19 is a maintenance and security release of Drupal 7.  This has only just been anounced (16-01-2013). According to the Release Notes , this release contains fixes for security vulnerabilities.  It has also been recommended to upgrade "immediately".

update: Added QuickTabs Block to Drupal Resources

We started using QuickTabs module some time ago to put a basic Document Management system in place (with Catalogues and tabbed Indexes).  I've now extended the flexibility of the Drupal Resources page to split out support sections using tabbed indexes. When the time is appropriate, we can replicate this approach to other resource pages.

update: Site upgraded to drupal 7.18

Drupal 7.18 is an essential security patch, and has been applied successfully to this site (23-12-2012)  as well as all other Community domains (including test and drp sites). Complete backups were take beforehand.

05-01-2013 (KenD)  There were some delays in the updates to the DRP sites (related to backups).  These have been resolved, and now all 3 sites have been updated to Drupal 7.18


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