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Latest Updates

update: NewsCorner Catalogue

We've just replaced the (poorly maintained) NewsCorner Index with dedicated catalogue in the DCS Catalogue (under Quality Team Documents).  It is fully up-to-date and will be far easier to maintain in future.  Read more about mult-tier catalogues in our Blog on Web Design.

update: Master Catalogue added to Documents Menu

We're starting to gain some momentum with building a model for Document Control System and Integrated Catalogue.  In keeping with our open approach to demonstrating the mechanics of our projects, we have added the Master Catalogue to our Documents Menu.

Whilst it is not necessary to to fully populate the Catalogue, we will actively build "live" entries from a combination of new site documents of all types, as well as existing blocks of documents that we will gradually migrate across.

update: Changed Menu header pages

This is a minor change to enhance the Main Menu header pages, to extend our standard navigation blocks,  This should provide both greater consistency across the site, as well as provide greater ease of locating other pages, articles, documents and indexes.

update: Added Cloud Resources Index

As a part of our ongoing quest to demystify Cloud technology through practical projects (eg. our Document Control Catalogue), we have started off a Resources Index for Cloud Storage and Services providers.  Our intention is to add links to other resources and training providers (free or paid).

update: New Catalogue Design

Our web team is working on a variation of our Views based registers to model Document Control system built into a hierarchically structured Catalogue.  The entry point for the system is the Master Catalogue, and the initial edition is available for readers to review and provided feedback.  See the feedback form in our most recent article, Building a Cloud based Document Control System to post comments and suggestions.

update: Enhanced teasers

We've enhanced all the article teasers by allowing a small imbedded thumbnail. The site has been designed to be sparse with graphics on the front page. Where we use front page graphics, they should all be consistent in size and alignment.
We have a blog on our site design, where we continue to review and discuss the evolving Drupal technology and modules, as well as possible enhancements.

update: Dashboard Visibility

We've now made the live Healthtracker Dashboards (and Reports) internal, meaning that only logged-in users nd members will see them on the Dashboards Register. This is what you would expect on an extranet site and training portal, where the site infrastructure and page-type filtering can be used to publicise selected content only.

Having said that, we will continue to update the sample tracker dashboard, to reflect any enhancements to the healthtracker tool and its reports.

update: All Registers redesigned

We've enhanced all of our Register Views, to make them more functional and user-friendly.  The sort options are also no more widely used and consistent. We think the "No of Views" column might be of interest to readers.

update: Dashboard redesigned

We recently extended the News Update block (Top right of Home Page), to include ready access to Reports and DashBoards. We've been playing around with the concept of DashBoards for some months now.  Many of you will know how DashBoards are a valuable and sensible team engagement tool, that has been heavily promoted by the Six Sigma methodology for improving process capability.

update: Article Menu redesigned

We've just made an update to the Articles menu item (previously called  "Quality Articles').  This change has been long overdue. Previously, Articles have been selectively added to the Quality Articles menu.  We now changed to using tags to categorise all articles (quality, desktopsupport, webdesign etc).  This means we hve been able to create sub-menus as Views (based on the Article category).


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