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news: Photo Blog and Archive

We have a production reference site -  that demonstrates a template approach to manage (and archive) photos posted to Instagram and other picture sharing applications.

news: Drupal Training Site

We've been converting an older site into a Drupal training site for our QualityHelp team members.  This will also be used as a reference point for delivering training on Content Management to interested audiences in the wider community.

news: Drupal Training Site

We have finished building a Drupal Training site at - This has been setup with Drupal 7, using a limited number of modules, including Views, to create a simple, fun site for training new Community members.

This theme of this particular site is to showcase member's travelling experiences through photos - under several categories. Expect to hear more on the progress of this site

news: WHS Documents

It's taken us sometime, but I've convinced Steve to join our Community team and help us construct some guides and templates in the Work Health and Safety department. Look forward to some progress in this important field. Steve has a management background in Work Health and Safety, and should stimulate some worthwhile discussion on the topic.

news: WHS Management System

We've started building a catalogue document stream for the important company policies and procedures for Workplace Health and Safety (previously OHS in Australia).

Whilst medium or larger organistaions would have a dedicated Workplace Health and Safety team, this function would sit under the Human Resources department (or function) in smaller businesses. In our QualityHelp model, we've positioned the WHS Management System catalogue under the HR Department catalogue (which sits under the "internal" Management Catalogue).

newsletter: April 2014

QualityHelp Newsletter - April 2014

Well here we are again, Folks.  The collective energy and inspiration continues to flow at a steady pace, but there is still much to do. Document Catalogue, Change Management and Management Information Systems for ITSM have been our topics for this month.

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news: New HealthTracker Release

We've been working hard to keep enhancing the HealthTracker tool, and have released a new version for the start of April. Version 6a (and the USA Version 6b) now contain a new section and control chart for tracking waist measurement (in different units).

news: Internal Management Catalogue

We've now created a model for a restricted access Management Catalogue. Because we've used our Internal secRecord for the Document Control System records, this catalogue and it's sub-catalogue entries would not be visible to general users.  For the sake of demonstrating our model, that means only authenicated users and members can see the Management Catalogue.

Below is an example of the Management Catalogue and the typical team entries we have added to the initial baseline:

news: New Catalogue Progress

Since we have formulated the entity naming rules for our Catalogue components (records, views, quicktabs and catalogue containers), and estabished many of the first and second tier catalogues, our progress has accellerated with the advantage of duplication.

newsletter: March 2014

QualityHelp Newsletter - March 2014

Hello folks. We're almost through March and here's our third newsletter for 2014. Once again we've been busy this month on a number of site topic themes and projects. Each month this year, we plan to cover off a new IT Service Management area, and in February we've looking at IT Change Management.  Our latest article is on the IT Change Management life cycle, roles and accountabilities. 

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