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drupal org

 Say no more - simply critical to all Drupal site development
 Drupal Themes drupal themes  This is an essential supplement to Drupal Home (also accessable from the site. Also look up Drupal Modules.
 Drupal Gardens drupal gardens  Great Drupal support and host site
 Drupal Modules  drupal modules  The complete list of Drupal modules and projects
 Drupal Maintenance and Updates drupal org upgrade  Critical reading for the Web Master on maintenance and upgrades to Drupal sites
 Drupal SimpleNews simple news  A Drupal eNewsletter module (New project in Drupal 7) Simplenews Handbook
 CKEditor Rich Text Editor ckeditor module  The rich text editor now added to this site (best thing since sliced bread).  Read the CKEditor User Guide
 Upgrading CKEditor ckeditor upgrade  Upgrading CKEditor is complex.  We recommend using these instructions from the CKEditor program site CKSource
 Drupal Showcase drupalshowcase  Drupal Show Case site is not a support or training site, but it's mentioned here so developers may review nd be inspired by the thousands of Drupal sites on it's registers
 Fusion Charts fusion charts  Use this module to connect to the free version of FusionChartThis module also provides both a user interface for creating charts as well as as an API for developers to integrate with other modules. It is also claimed to work well with Webforms.
 Web Form web form  Webform is a module for  running surveys in Drupal. Connect with Fusion charts to graph to survey results.
 WebsiteSetup - First Drupal Site websitesetup drupal  A good starting point (aka Dummys Guide) for building your first Drupal Site
 Useful Drupal Tips and Tricks  Very helpful, and recommended advice - "30 Extremely Useful Drupal Tips and Tricks, you probably ignored"
 Drupal Centric Hosting  Choosing the right host provider for your sites requires a bit of thought. This place gives some recomendations, but also check outh lastest forums because the competions is changing all the time. GreenGeeks  seems to becoming popular (but wasn't on the list. Neither was our own host HostPapa.

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